Celestial Messenger Dragonfly Pin

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In various spiritual traditions, the dragonfly acts as a messenger between the worlds. It's appearance it meant to remind the viewer that waking life is an illusion.

This delicate alpaca silver dragonfly-shaped pin features abalone inlaid wings.

Similar to the complex patterns of veins in a dragonfly's wing, the lustrous iridescence of the abalone shell is the result of a shell formed of layers of single crystals tessellated in stacked layers.

Wear this sparkling pin to remember each time you look in the mirror, that life is a waking dream, and you its dreamer. 

-2.5" long x 2" wide

-locking bar pin closure

Origin Story

Artisana Jewelry

ArtCamp, short for Artesanas Campesinas, is a collective of female artisans in Tecalpulco, Mexico. The collective formed in the 90’s as a way for local women to gain business and jewelry design skills, in a rural area where opportunities for women are limited.

The jewelry line includes semi-precious stones, ethically sourced abalone, flower, and upcycled materials.

Ethically Sourced Abalone

As the over harvesting of wild abalone can damage ocean ecosystems, all Artisana jewelry is made with ethically sourced shell from carefully selected abalone farms.