Strange Universe Earrings

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What is the shape of the universe? 

If the universe is curved, one might travel far enough and end up exactly where they began. Or, the universe might extend infinitely in all directions. Maybe infinity lies in the ineffable nature of the question itself. 

Let these handcrafted brass earrings, in their puzzling, strange shapes remind you of the joy of questions without clearly defined answers, and that we are all floating in a mystery. 

-1.6" long

-aqua tiger eye, colored dye-free brass achieved by applying heat 

Meet the Artisans

Brass Images Jewelry

The alchemical Brass Signature line, handmade by artisans in coastal South Africa, features a unique heat based process that allows for coloration and patterns to be created without dyes or chemicals. Not only is the line designed to reduce the release of toxins into the environment so often used in the jewelry making process, brass is known for its metaphysical healing properties as an energetic shield, to support the immune system and facilitate personal courage.

Created by local fair trade organization Brass Images, the line’s success allows for the training and hiring of artists from the local community, who contribute to designs and fabrication, providing sustainable income in an area that often lacks equal employment opportunities.