Conscious Alchemy Bracelet

Conscious Alchemy Bracelet

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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. Carl Jung

Bracelet features four silver-plated abalone triangles, to represent the symbols of alchemy, an ancient spiritual practice used to transform the inner and outer world. 

Wear this piece to remind you of the importance of spiritual self mastery, and your ability to move beyond the limitations of the mind into greater possibility.

The magic iridescence of the abalone shell is the result of layers of tessellated crystal formed on the shell of stunning sea creatures.

-1.5" triangles

-hook & link closure

Origin Story

Artisana Jewelry

ArtCamp, short for Artesanas Campesinas, is a collective of female artisans in Tecalpulco, Mexico. The collective formed in the 90’s as a way for local women to gain business and jewelry design skills, in a rural area where opportunities for women are limited.

The jewelry line includes semi-precious stones, ethically sourced abalone, flower, and upcycled materials. 

Ethical Abalone

As the over harvesting of wild abalone can damage ocean ecosystems, all Artisana jewelry is made with ethically sourced shell from carefully selected abalone farms.