Wake Up Bullet Necklace

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One study revealed that humans are six times more likely to kill each other than the average mammal.* Is violence an unavoidable part of our nature?   

Starkly untransformed, the Wake Up bullet necklace is the least subtle piece in the Cambodian Peace Collection, a symbol of the shape of conflict, and reminder of the violent potential that lies in human unconsciousness.

While it now hangs from a string, this one was created with the intention of killing, the ground in Cambodia is littered with similar remnants of deadly potential. However, rather than make us cynical, perhaps acknowledging humanity's violent capabilities with blunt honesty can help us understand the necessity of awareness.

Wear this bullet as a daily reminder to consciously choose non-violence in all actions, to be awake in each moment, deeply aware of your impact on the reality of those around you.

Who do you want to be? Wake up to it over and over, with this bullet a daily reminder to yourself that you are a conscious, connected creator, to be awake in each moment, and choose non-violence in all actions. 

-Hammered brass

-2" pendant on adjustable cord


Meet the Artisans

About the Artisans

The artisans responsible for this jewelry, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, embrace the intersection of destruction and creation, skillfully shaping war remnants into wearable art.

The workshop is sponsored by Cambodia Craftworks, an NGO located in an underprivileged rural community thirty minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital. Revenue supports additional training for artisans who wish make jewelry from one of the most plentiful scrap resources available in the area, given the vast amount of bombshells and bullets left over from the tragic Khmer Rouge period.

Funds also support college degrees for artisans’ family members. This is of particular relevance as those who had higher education were singled out to be put to death during the conflict. Providing equal access to education is a key to expanding opportunity for all.

With the support of NGO Craftworks and your purchase, the artisans now generate much needed income that provides their families and their communities the chance at a better future. More information on Cambodia's rich culture, history, and the organization is available here.