InnerBEEing Honeycomb Bomb Cuff

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A teaspoon of honey requires at least eight bees to spend their entire lives laboring, and the hexagonal shape of a honeycomb is one of the strongest structures in nature.

The Inner:BEEing cuff, handcrafted from reclaimed bomb casings, is shaped to resemble a honeycomb. The honeycomb is both symbol of sweetness of honey as well as the perseverance required to create it.

A shape of natural strength, wear this honeycomb cuff to remind yourself of the resilience of human creativity, and that the time to create anything of meaning is what gives that creation value.

About the Artisans

The artisans responsible for this jewelry, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, embrace the intersection of destruction and creation, skillfully shaping war remnants into wearable art.

The workshop is sponsored by Cambodia Craftworks, an NGO located in an underprivileged rural community thirty minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital. Revenue supports additional training for artisans who wish make jewelry from one of the most plentiful scrap resources available in the area, given the vast amount of bombshells and bullets left over from the tragic Khmer Rouge period.

Funds also support college degrees for artisans’ family members, signifant reparation for  those with higher education being singled out to be put to death during the conflict. You are truly supporting the re-empowerment of a community through your purchase. 

More information on Cambodia's rich culture, history, and the organization is available here.