Shadow & Light Layers Bracelet

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If there be light, then there is darkness, if cold, heat, if height, depth, if calm, tempestif prosperity, adversity, if life, death. Pythagoras

Representative of duality, the interconnecting light and dark natures of the human experience, this bracelet, made of howlite, wood and resin beads, is designed to wrap around several times.

Wear it to remind you to approach all experiences, light or dark, with more curiosity than judgment. 


-ball-and-loop closure

Origin Story

Global GrooveGlobal Groove is a Fair Trade organization that supports women as they develop artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal. They design, develop, produce and source fairly traded lifestyle products with a commitment to sustainable production. Their overall mission is to honor and support cultural heritage via sharing colors, symbols, and inspiration, with the belief that travel expands acceptance and understanding, and a kinder world.