Recycled Cooking Pot Cone Earrings

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See God everywhere: God is the ladle; God also is the food; God is the fire; God is the preparer; and God is the eater of the food. God is the reason for eating and God is the goal to be reached.

Bhagavad Gita 

The cooking of food is an act of magic, a form of alchemy where ingredients are transformed into nourishment, both physical and emotional. If manifesting a delicious meal is a metaphor, the tools used to make it sacred objects, symbols of the joy of turning nature into fuel for the creative process.

The Sacred Kitchen jewelry line is cut from recycled cooking pots, hand stamped and crafted out of aluminum to give aged cookware a new life. Made in Kenya, each piece supports recycling and upskilling for young men and women.

Buy for your favorite chef, or as a symbol of the joy of sharing a meal or recipe with a loved one. Wear to remind yourself that each moment is delicious. 

-2", hypoallergenic hooks


Origin Story 

Zakale Creations

The Sacred Kitchen Jewelry Line was birthed out of a simple garbage collection project in Nairobi. This evolved into a handicrafts workshop where young men and women combine skills of electroplating and wire work to produce handmade jewelry, predominantly recycling kitchen items and cord from the inside of tires to create the unique pieces.

The creation, supported by local organization Zakali Jewelry, is fair trade certified and sustainable, expanding job opportunities and skills training for those involved in the program.